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Our philosophy

We believe that students have the greatest success working with and learning from teachers with whom they have established relationships.  These teachers know students" strengths and weaknesses and where to focus when preparing them for standardized tests.  College Insights has trained hundreds of successful teachers who have helped thousands of students maximize their scores on the SAT and ACT in our 30 years in the test prep business.    

University Students and Professor

SAT and ACT Prep Options

College Insights Master Trained Tutors offer variety of private one-to-one tutoring to small group tutoring  to help students prepare for the SAT and ACT.



One to one private tutoring


15 or 20 hours of preparation, all course materials, including diagnostic testing, provided, $1495/ $1895.

Small group tutoring


12 two-hour sessions with 3-6 students, all course materials including diagnostic testing, provided, $995 per student.

Hourly tutoring

Focus on the areas you need to improve most.  All course materials provided, diagnostic testing ala carte.  $110 per hour

Semiprivate tutoring


10 two-hour sessions with 2 students all course materials, including diagnostic testing, provided, $1295 per student.




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The SAT and ACT

While they are not I.Q. tests, the SAT and ACT are used by admissions personel to predict potential for college success.  The SAT tests basic to intermediate math, reading comprehension, and grammar skills.  In addition to these skills, the ACT also tests science reasoning ability.  The SAT has two sections, Math and Critical Reading and Writing, each scored on a 200-800 scale, with 500 roughly the 50th percentile.  The ACT has four sections- English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning- each scored on a 1-36 point scale, with 21 roughly the 50th percentile.  More than 2 million students take the SAT or ACT each year, making them the two of the most widely administered standardized tests in the world.

As a rule of thumb, SAT and ACT scores account four about 1/3 to 1/2 of the admissions decision, with the balance of the decision based on a student's high school record.  Low scores on the SAT or ACT may eliminate an otherwise qualified student from consideration.  High scores can make up for shortcomings in other areas.


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